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Bostik, a world-class leader in sealing bonding technologies, wanted to establish their sales team as professionally recognised, whilst using the Apprenticeship Levy. Learn how our Level 4 Sales Executive Apprenticeship supported them.


Bostik is predominantly a manufacturer for adhesive sealants, within industries ranging from construction to medical.

In 2019, Bostik’s HR Director, Andy Bason, explored how they could benefit from the Apprenticeship Levy. Whilst he was talking to a few training providers, BMS Progress’ Managing Director, David Bill, got in touch.

Here, Andy shares why he chose BMS Progress, and how we’ve helped them to reach their sales training goals.

"From the very beginning, BMS Progress took the time and effort to understand our ambitions. As a result, it’s a relationship we value, and we’re really grateful for the results of the sales training so far. And so, we’ll be continuing to work with them – not just for our next cohort of the level 4 sales executive apprenticeship, but also the level 5 qualification we’ll be introducing later this year. Apprenticeships are core to our future."

Andy Bason
HR Director
BMS Progress - The challenge

The Objectives

Bostik wanted to explore how they could benefit from the Apprenticeship Levy. Whilst they were talking to a few training providers, Andy shares why he chose BMS Progress, and how we’ve helped them to reach their sales training goals.

To get our sales team professionally recognised

We were paying a large sum of money to the Apprenticeship Levy, so we were keen to maximise on this.

To make the most of our levy funds

We wanted our entire sales team to have the same level of skills, knowledge and behaviour – wherever they were in the UK.

To maximise on our levy funds

Training has always been core to us, so it was instinct to flip this to utilise our apprenticeship levy funds where possible.

BMS Progress - The solution

The Solution

It was crucial to us that the line manager could be involved in the apprenticeship. BMS Progress shared this viewpoint, assuring us that they would be embedded in the course, and have the skills and knowledge to support their team.

High-quality sales training

BMS Progress is one of top sales training providers, and they’re such a strong ambassador for it. They drive home its importance, and this really resonated with me.

A strong awareness of us

David took the time to understand Bostik and what we wanted from a training provider. This meant they could deliver a programme that was in line with our team’s development.

Tailored content

BMS Progress made it clear they would act on feedback. The modules could be more meaningful as they would embed specific behaviours that reflect Bostik.

BMS Progress - The result

The Result

There’s been great feedback for the Level 4 Sales Executive Apprenticeship and BMS Progress. Learners felt the training was well delivered, and they really enjoyed it.

Improved performance and confidence

Their relevant, quality content boosted the team’s performance. Learners put theory into practice, and improved and developed themselves too – growing as individuals and professionals.

Engaging learner support

The development coaches were great at supporting our learners, providing constructive feedback to help them improve. They engaged with them and the line manager to ensure all deadlines were met.

Development and promotions

A few employees who completed the level 4 sales executive apprenticeship have been promoted. Going forward, we imagine some opportunities in our sales team will require individuals to undertake the apprenticeship.

Return on levy investment

Despite the circumstances, the last couple of years have been really successful for Bostik. Our commercial team has received great anecdotal feedback and is highly regarded in the industry, so we’re definitely maximising on the levy.

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