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From foundation selling skills and the art of negotiation to performance coaching, levelling up your team is crucial in an expertise-powered world. But how can you train individuals in a timely and cost-effective way? Enter: open courses. These programmes have been specifically designed to advance the specific skills employees require – and fast.

Empower them to shine

Our open courses boost your team members' confidence in their desired area of learning. Whether they’re gaining the fundamentals or building on existing knowledge, they’ll be given the tools they need to succeed. What’s more, the short training programmes are adapted to the skill at hand. So, the teaching may be fun and energetic, or fast-paced and informative. Learners can expect short sessions, theory, interactive exercises, role play and formal assessment.

Available open courses include:

Performance Selling

The aim of this 2 day course is to build upon the skills, knowledge and experience already gained in a professional sales environment. It delivers a modern sales methodology and demonstrates the benefits of understanding both personal impact and buyer motivation to secure profitable relationships.

Designed to be interactive, insightful and practical, this workshop can be used to further develop sales professionals and to add structure and advanced techniques to their sales process.

Training Objectives

To examine individual effectiveness and impact.
To provide further tools and ideas to reinforce and develop awareness and abilities.
To provide a forum to discuss best practice.
To create a ‘best in class’ sales process.

Training Syllabus

The principle of marginal gains.
Behaviours of the best.
Developing self-awareness.
Understanding and working with buyers.
Enhancing the structured sales process.
Personal strategic planning and preparation.
Delivering an impact opening.
Creating lasting first impressions.
Uncovering explicit and implicit needs and pains.
Delivering benefit-driven solutions.
Dealing with resistance, self-coaching.

Target Audience

This course is designed for sales professionals who have exposure to a sales process and would benefit from more structure and help to refine this to achieve more from their business interactions.

Negotiation Skills

This is a practical 2 day workshop, designed to equip sales people with the confidence, process and capability to successfully negotiate in a variety of situations and achieve a win/win outcome. The course is focused around experiential learning and combines theory, interactive exercises, case studies, role plays and feedback. It has been designed to be fast paced, informative and challenging.

Training Objectives

To understand the impact of human behaviour on the ability to effectively negotiate.
To demonstrate effective planning strategies.
To be able to recognise, counter and use tactics.

Training Syllabus

The 6P Negotiation Model.
Truths and challenges of negotiating.
Understanding the key principles.
The Negotiator’s Toolkit.
Understanding your negotiation style.
Counterparty motivators and how to influence them.
Planning an effective and structured negotiation.
Control and tactical negotiating.
Staying confident throughout the process.
Live negotiation practice using case studies, role plays, team exercises.
One-to-one feedback.

Target Audience

This 2 day course is suitable for delegates who are currently involved in negotiating business but would benefit from formal, structured training to enable them to achieve this more effectively.

Account Management

A thoroughly enlightening 2 day module designed to share ideas and experiences on account management and development. Focusing on account retention and account growth, it is a practical course aimed at all sales professionals who manage transactional or contractual business relationships with their customers.

The course has components of theory, discussion and practical exercises with interactive sessions involving real life planning, account mapping and initiative setting exercises.

Training Objectives

To understand the four key elements of successful account management.
To review and enhance current account management methods.
To define the elements of an effective and strategic account plan.

Training Syllabus

The D4 Account Management Model.
Dealing with customer and market challenges.
The flexible account manager.
Adopting a structured approach.
Adapting to different business cultures.
Establishing authority and influence.
Increasing your contact surface within an account.
Balancing relationship with reward.
Staying ahead of the competition.
Planning for success.
Managing internal alignment.
Time management.
Maintaining quality and exceeding expectations.

Target Audience

Account management is a skill needed by all that manage on-going relationships with customers. Suitable for people in internal or external sales roles that deal with a number of decision makers at all levels in multiple functions.

Presentation Skills

Sales people need to “stand out from the crowd” when they deliver a presentation. This 2 day course is designed to help delegates structure and deliver a sales presentation with confidence, clarity and greater impact.

The course is focused around experiential learning and combines short sessions with interactive exercises, as well as providing several opportunities to present and receive recorded feedback. It has been designed to be energetic, fast paced but most importantly to build self-confidence.

Training Objectives

To instil confidence, knowledge and structure when delivering presentations.
To deliver high impact presentations that stand out in order to win business.
To improve personal impact and awareness.

Training Syllabus

When and why to present.
Presentation types.
Confidence and power.
The Power of Three.
The structure of a presentation.
How to relate to your audience.
The ‘Magic 7’.
Creating great impact.
Delivering your message.
Rehearsal, practice and delivery.
Feedback (1-2-1 and group).
Actions and development plan.

Target Audience

The Presentation Skills programme is a 2 day course suitable for delegates who need to deliver presentations internal or externally to clients and prospects.

Training, whatever your need

Looking to tackle a business challenge? Develop and evolve employees? Enhance performance across the board? Dedicated training is your answer – especially when it can adapt to your needs. Whether you require bespoke programmes customised to your organisation or open courses that really drill down to the skill at hand, you’ve come to the right place.

Power up your business

Our range of programmes are ideal for business-to-business organisations just like yours. You can choose tailored training, where we’ll dig deep into your needs before shaping the learning specifically around your business. Or you can opt for our open courses, allowing you to level up individuals in a particular chosen area – quickly and cost-effectively.

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It all begins with a need. Maybe you want to launch a new training initiative. Maybe you want to up-skill your team. Or maybe you just have an idea that you want help shaping. Whatever it is, the partner that you choose can make all the difference.

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