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Global leader in e-commerce solutions, Asendia, reached out to BMS Progress to help their sales teams around the world develop their skills and equip them with the tools to have a more consultative sales approach. Our commercial training was the solution.  


With operations in 32 global locations, Asendia’s heritage as a mail business is unrivalled, but today they are also at the forefront in providing logistics and digital solutions for e-tailers selling internationally.  

Their Sales Excellence Manager, David-Alexandre Krupa, sought support for a global solution to ensure all local teams were trained the best way possible and could identify– and sell- the value of Asendia’s solutions. 

"We are looking forward to our continued partnership with BMS Progress and are in the process of planning our development programme with them for the years to come."

David-Alexandre Krupa
Sales Excellence Manager
BMS Progress - The challenge

The Objectives

We needed a training provider that recognised and understood that our teams were comprised of various experience levels, from no experience to 20 + years– in terms of selling backgrounds. We needed a provider who was going to work closely with our teams, help them to identify Asendia’s value, and be successful in a competitive environment.

Change the way we sell  

We want our teams to practice consultative selling rather than product-based selling. This is something expected within the market, it will allow us to keep up with change, and react quickly to new market trends and demands.  

 Nurture successful salespeople 

We needed our salespeople to be able to sell full range solutions, not just products, in order to better fit our customers needs. We needed them to thoroughly understand the challenges our customers face, identify Asendia’s value, and offer solutions that solve problems.  

BMS Progress - The solution

The Solution

It was critical to us that the training provider understood our organisation and could provide training in each of our global locations, including in-person delivery.

Understand our business 

Our training provider needed to understand our business, needs and the market(s) we operate in. Having already delivered training to our UK subsidiary, the feedback was positive. We were impressed with the way BMS Progress took the time to truly understand our requirements and adapt accordingly.  

 Bespoke blended programme 

We needed our training provider to be able to adapt to our different markets. As we have a global presence, it was important that the training encompassed the uniqueness of each location, with a more ‘global’ approach. We were pleased that BMS Progress built a bespoke programme that blended our internal training content.    

BMS Progress - The result

The Result

A fantastic experience from the get go! Their trainers capability to adapt and be present in our global locations was superb. We are eager to continue our partnership with BMS Progress.

Excellent communication 

From the very beginning our experience with BMS Progress was excellent. The thoroughness and attention to detail when working with us on defining and creating the bespoke learning programme was fantastic. The communication was smooth and effortless, with a very well-informed understanding from the off. This was the same with their trainers who provided excellent delivery in 7 locations from Europe to APAC and demonstrated a strong capability of adapting to each of the global audiences.  


BMS ensured that their programme blended seamlessly with our internal content, and took the time to truly understand our needs. They even rolled out a test pilot session, which lead to us changing the format from 2-day to 1-day to better suit salespeople’s agenda– BMS were flexible and reactive to this change and quickly adapted the content to fit.  

 Continued partnership 

We are looking forward to our continued partnership with BMS Progress and are in the process of planning our development programme with them for the years to come.  

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