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Industry leaders in facade and timber products, Taylor Maxwell, sought out BMS Progress to equip their team with the skills and knowledge to successfully lead. Our Level 3 Team Leader Apprenticeship was the right choice.

Taylor Maxwell

Taylor Maxwell is a supplier of a wide range of products, including brick, timber, cladding and masonry solutions. They’re on a mission to drive positive change in the construction industry, and their people are a key part of that aim.

Here, team leader apprentice Aaron Rea talks about how BMS Progress’ Level 3 Team leader Apprenticeship has enabled him to achieve his management ambitions.

"I would recommend the level 3 team leader apprenticeship standard as it’s helped me in all aspects of life so far. It’s not only supported me in terms of developing my management and leadership skills, but it’s also supported my sales role, day-to-day communications and personal life. I’ve learnt how to control emotions, and how to talk to people in conflicting scenarios."

Aaron Rea
Area Manager
BMS Progress - The challenge

The Objectives

I decided to embark on the Level 3 Team Leader Apprenticeship as I believed it could benefit my career for a number of reasons.

Qualified for promotion

I went for an Area Manager position – a promotion from my current sales role – where I’d have two or three people reporting to me. My company put me on this team leader programme so that I’d be qualified to undertake the role.

Develop my skill set

I wanted to have the right set of skills, as well as the correct knowledge, to be able to perform my new job successfully, focusing on the development of the team's competence.

BMS Progress - The solution

The Solution

Taylor Maxwell identified BMS Progress as the best option for my development, which they’ve proven to be – specifically through their support and workshops.

Flexible support

I can’t rate my development coach, Linda, highly enough. She supports me with assignments and anything I might not understand, along with scenarios in the actual workplace, and is always flexible in her approach.

Engaging workshops

I’ve worked in this industry for almost a decade and have experienced my fair share of training sessions in that time – all with various methods of selling and managing. I can confidently say that BMS Progress’ workshops are some of the most engaging.

An open forum

Part of the reason the group sessions work so well is that they’re an open forum. Mine are facilitated by a highly experienced individual, who is as much led by us as we are by him. We always hit the criteria that we need to in the time given, too, which is positive.

BMS Progress - The result

The Result

I’m only halfway through the 13-month programme, but I can already see the impact it’s having. It has transformed my day-to-day priorities, and the way I engage with people, for the better.

Holistic support

You don’t just learn from a theoretical point of view – I’ve also picked up skills that have helped with my daily responsibilities at work. What’s more, while it may be a team leadership qualification, I’ve found that this course has also assisted me in my sales role.

Higher confidence

Being promoted from a job where I’m the same level as several people in the office is quite nerve-wracking. Through this apprenticeship, I’ve gained the confidence to elevate myself to the area manager role and tackle some of the issues that we deal with every day.

Applied learning

As some of our assignments are practical, there have been direct opportunities to apply what I’ve learnt and utilise specific skills. These are then monitored, and I’m given feedback on how well I’ve performed.

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