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Supporting a security business through sales success

Stanley Security, a well-known security solutions supplier, needed to create a consistent sales process and develop a more consultative approach. They knew that upskilling their team would be key. Discover how our bespoke training drove both leads and ROI.

Stanley Security

A leading provider of integrated security solutions in Europe, Stanley Security’s products span video surveillance, access control, and intruder detection systems. With over 175 years to their name, and having worked in more than 60 countries, they’re widely considered to be ‘the future of business security’.

They came to BMS Progress with a challenge. As part of their plan for the years to come, they needed to build a comprehensive training programme – one that was shaped to their business and would help take their sales team’s performance to the next level.

"As part of our strategic plan, were needed to identify a training partner to help us design and deliver a sales process specifically for Stanley’s regional sales team. After a period of consultation and observation, BMS Progress were chosen, they designed a sales model called SECURE Selling and this was rolled-out to the entire UK sales team. This has now been embedded into the day-to-day process for all our sales meeting and is already reaping great results. We have supported the Sales Managers with a coaching programme to enable them to have the confidence and skills to further develop and build on their team's capability."

Matt Blakey
Sales Director
BMS Progress - The challenge

The Objectives

Stanley Security turned to us to help equip their sales team with everything they needed to support their clients better.

To enhance consistency

Our client sought to create a more formal, structured sales process to harmonise the various teams across the entire business. This would in turn enable them to measure and evaluate sales performance.

To adopt a consultative approach

Their other ambition was to develop a questioning model to help the sales team act as advisors to customers, successfully establishing their needs and more effectively presenting value propositions.

BMS Progress - The solution

The Solution

To understand Stanley Security's sales approach, along with their unique challenges and common customer objections, we embarked on some field research with five members of the regional sales team. Armed with these valuable insights, we were then able to design a training development plan.

Leadership programme

We developed a bespoke leadership programme to specifically focus on building better planning, coaching and team management skills.

Bespoke two-day workshops

These involved group teaching, discussions and practical exercises such as client meeting role play. We introduced the ‘SECURE’ sales model, specially designed for Stanley Security. It focuses on planning and research, consultative questioning, customer engagement, overcoming resistance, and defining a unique value proposition.

Reinforcement sessions

Follow-up sessions allowed for both managers and team members to offer feedback on their development. They also get the opportunity to explore any remaining challenges whilst reinforcing the key skills learnt.

BMS Progress - The result

The Result

Through our bespoke training and leadership programme, Stanley Security attained improved bottom line, accurate solutions and acclaimed training.

Improved bottom line

The emphasis on structure and realistic targets resulted in a higher number of leads and reduced conversion times. It’s also proved crucial to the sales team securing higher-value deals, including some worth more than £100,000.

Accurate solutions

Through the questioning model, Stanley Security's teams are now successfully establishing expectations and needs before offering the correct solution to customers.

Acclaimed training

The training programme has been incredibly well-received, and is now common language throughout the business.

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