Elevating line managers with the Level 3 Team Leader and Level 5 Apprenticeships

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Enabling Line Managers To Effectively Perform And Advocate Learning

Leading learning provider, Arden University, sought out BMS Progress after observing that they needed to fill gaps in their line management. Our Level 3 Team Leader and Level 5 Leadership apprenticeships were just the answer.

Arden University

Arden University is a leading UK-based provider of flexible, online, and blended learning. They’re pioneers, flipping tradition on its head by delivering personalised academic and digital skills support to students across the world – from the initial enrolment to graduation.

Their Head of Talent and Leadership, Lee Cooper-Blair, had previously partnered with BMS Progress and wished to do so again when she spotted apprenticeship opportunities at Arden University. Here, she details the value of the Level 3 Team Leader and Level 5 Leadership Apprenticeship Standards so far.

“It’s been fantastic to work with BMS Progress. I’ve previously worked with other suppliers who I’ve had to chase – but that’s never the case with BMS. They’re always consistent and put the effort in. Plus, they ensure that the apprenticeships are fit for purpose – for instance, they’ll push back if they think someone isn’t right for an apprenticeship. This results in an honest and trustworthy relationship. I look forward to continuing this as we partner with them for other apprenticeships in the future.”

Lee Cooper-Blair
Head of Talent and Leadership, Arden University
BMS Progress - The challenge

The Objectives

I had previously worked with BMS Progress at other companies and admired the professionalism with which they delivered in-tune and fit-for-purpose learning – I was keen to work with them again. So, when I joined Arden University in October 2022 and, recognising line management gaps, I realised BMS’ Level 3 Team Leader and Level 5 Leadership apprenticeships would solve some of the challenges that we face with ‘developing in role’ line managers. Our key goals for the apprenticeship were:

Fill the gap in line management

Arden University doesn't have a traditional learning and development team, so there are no calendars of trainers delivering workshops virtually or face-to-face. There are specialists within the business – for instance, in teaching – with management responsibilities. However, they don’t receive the right development and need training to effectively perform their line management roles.

Leverage the levy pot

The organisation was aware that we had a levy pot – not yet used. I was keen to get the best out of it as quickly as possible.

BMS Progress - The solution

The Solution

We started the cohorts in March 2023, internally calling our apprenticeship programme ‘Ignite’. BMS Progress understood our values and how to quickly move to get people interested. They also adapted to our needs, resulting in fantastic quality of teaching and structure – and many other benefits.

Great engagement

BMS Progress provided all the right information and advice, triggering really good engagement at the introduction meetings.

Promotion of apprenticeships

They helped promote apprenticeships within the organisation, doing the groundwork to maintain interest. This means we have buy-in for learners in the next cohort. In fact, we’re now talking about other apprenticeship standards, like customer service.

BMS Progress - The result

The Result

I’ve received nothing but positive feedback from apprentices – they’re all enjoying the programme and feel it’s right for them. What’s more, it’s led to many positive outcomes for Arden University.

Effective use of levy

BMS Progress apprenticeships have definitely been a fantastic use of the apprenticeship levy. It’s pushed us to consider how else we can use the levy to help fill other gaps within our skill sets and departments.

Advocates for apprenticeships

We’ve had many more people approach us to find out about learning and development. It’s no longer a pull situation; people are pushed towards us – we have a pipeline of interest as current apprentices share their experiences.

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