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Alan Howard, a supplier of hair and beauty products, required our Level 4 Sales Executive Apprenticeship to help them successfully up skill their sales team.

Alan Howard

Alan Howard is the UK’s leading retailer for professional hairdressing, beauty and barbering supplies. Their aim is to provide customers with diverse products at the right price point. What’s more, they’re committed to becoming more sustainable by reducing harmful effects in their operations. In June 2020, they began plans to upskill their sales team. After meeting with BMS Progress, we were chosen as their training provider for the design and delivery of the Level 4 Sales Apprenticeship.

In this case study, one of their sales team, Katie Steeden, discusses her apprenticeship experience. Her BMS Progress coach, Rochelle Hewitt, also talks about the role of the level 4 sales apprenticeship in propelling Katie’s career.

Katie Steeden
Business Development Manager

"Supporting Katie in the level 4 sales executive apprenticeship has been an absolute dream. She’s been incredibly easy to work with because she’s so invested in her own development. Katie has taken feedback really well, and her hard work has led both her confidence and her ability to improve. I wasn’t surprised when she achieved a distinction overall! It wasn’t an easy start in June 2020 – with COVID-19 and being furloughed. However, Katie took it in all her stride and the apprenticeship gave her something positive to focus on. Consequently, she achieved great results when she returned to work."

Rochelle Hewitt
Performance Manager
BMS Progress - The challenge

The Objectives

When the opportunity came up to undertake the apprenticeship, it was a no-brainer. This is because I had the following aspirations:


Developing myself has always been important to me. So when I was given the chance to acquire new sales skills with a recognised qualification, I really couldn’t turn it down.


I’d recently started a role as a Business Development Manager, which required new foundations and skills. The apprenticeship would give me these and help me move forward in the job.

BMS Progress - The solution

The Solution

Every part of the apprenticeship resonated with me – from the training, to my peers on the course, to the coaching:

High-level training

The training was really interesting and helped me to apply knowledge and new techniques. In particular, I found the group session with the BMS trainers very valuable.

Insightful discussions

Other team members from Alan Howard were on the apprenticeship, but I hadn’t worked with all of them before. It was great to get to know my peers better, hear their opinions and have informative talks.

Outstanding coaching

Rochelle guided me through the entire course. Her coaching sessions were brilliant – not just on a professional level, but on a personal level too. She really boosted my morale, especially when we were working from home during the pandemic.

BMS Progress - The result

The Result

I’m so glad I took the apprenticeship – it was a really positive experience, enabling me to develop my skills and abilities, and putting me on track for progression. I achieved:

Boosted confidence

Previously, I often questioned myself and I had a lot of self-doubt. But now, my confidence has improved and I feel more self-assured in my capabilities.

Potential progression

I recently applied for a sales trainer role. It was the Level 4 Sales Apprenticeship that gave me both the skills and confidence to actually take this progressive step.

Better time management

Doing the apprenticeship has opened my eyes to new methods and techniques which have been successful. As a result, my working life is both better and easier.

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