The 5 Apprenticeship Trends We Anticipate For 2023.

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Given the current economic challenges, apprenticeships are more important than ever. This means the outlook is somewhat different in 2023. As organisations realise their value and focus efforts on previously neglected areas, we anticipate quality improvements with a drive towards sales and leadership skills. But what else does the year ahead have in store?

1. Non-negotiable quality

Now that businesses recognise the importance of training programmes and apprenticeships to upskill, there’s a stronger focus on high-quality training. Organisations won’t settle for second best. Instead, 2023 will see them seek recognised apprenticeship providers, like Ofsted regulated companies or those listed on the register of apprenticeship training providers.

High-quality training and value for money are especially urgent as organisations aim to maximise their Apprenticeship Levy pot. Likewise, we predict there will be a more rigorous government assessment and certification process. If an apprenticeship provider isn’t up to scratch, they won’t get a look in.

2. A full support network

We expect that employers will start to get involved to reap the full rewards of apprenticeships. A full support network in place – through the employer, apprentice line manager, and apprentice provider – will underline the success of each training programme.

At BMS Progress, we assign every learner with a dedicated development coach to support and enable them to do their very best. Every trainee will work in tandem with a line manager, BMS Performance facilitator, internal quality assurer, and designated safeguarding leader – we support them every step of the way.

3. Upskilling rather than recruiting

Skills gaps are prevalent in every industry. And as rising costs mean businesses are pressing pause on recruiting new members, the spotlight is now on upskilling existing staff.

Training and apprenticeships ensure current employees have the right skills for the future, improving motivation and overall staff morale – while allowing cost-effective business growth.

4. A focus on sales

Sales has long been an unrecognised area for training. But the growing appreciation for lifelong learning and the current economic hardships are finally shining a light on the benefits of sales training.

It’s natural for consumers to spend more cautiously during a recession. This means sales teams need to work harder than ever. Businesses must equip their workers with the relevant skills, like negotiation, to help potential customers navigate concerns and beat competitors to secure the win. And so, this year should see more businesses seeking out sales apprenticeships.

5. Move towards leadership

Leaders who tackle uncertainty and guide their teams through hardships are highly valued at the moment. Strong resilience, communication, effective delegation, and relationship-building skills are vital.

As a result, we’re seeing higher demand for leadership and management apprenticeships – a trend we expect to continue throughout the year.

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