How to Maximise Your Apprenticeship Levy Budget

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You may have heard of the apprenticeship levy, but are you making the most of it? Introduced in 2017, the initiative provides employers with benefits like upskilling existing and new employees, a ready-made training budget, and an opportunity to boost staff retention. All businesses with an annual bill over £3 million pay into the fund every month. These funds then contribute to apprenticeship training. And when they spend their entire dedicated budget, the government will pay 95% towards apprenticeship training costs. So, what can your business or organisation do to maximise your apprenticeship levy budget?

Secure support from the top

Businesses and organisations need backing from the people at the top to successfully upskill employees. By this, we don’t just mean talking the talk – senior leaders must walk the walk too. For apprentices to get the most out of their qualifications, they’ll require leaders who are focused, and can dedicate time to shape and educate them. A good way to get approval from above is to demonstrate the value of apprenticeships, and work with a specialist training provider.

Ensure varied upskilling

Training should provide team members with a range of transferable soft skills that encourage progression and improve agility. For example, someone who studies the level 3 team leader apprenticeship will hone new communication, finance, and project management abilities.

That’s why, when it comes to selecting an apprenticeship provider, it’s always worth making sure they teach relevant and valuable skills to your team.

Spend your whole budget

What happens if you don’t spend the entirety of your budget? Your contributions return to the government. So taking full advantage of the apprenticeship levy budget and spending it all is in your best interests.

The government foots 95% of the bill, leaving you with only 5% to pay. Essentially, this provides organisations with low-cost training, which is definitely worth paying attention to.

Explore different programmes

Taking the time to find the right course for your team’s discipline, roles, and skill sets is vital to get the most out of the training – and maximise your time and budget.

For instance, a level 5 course could be too advanced for someone new to the world of management. Likewise, a dedicated sales programme probably isn’t suitable for those who need to know more about the technical side. Therefore, it’s critical employers do their research to find a learning provider who can offer a range of courses as and when your team requires them.

Find the right strategic learning provider

Your training provider should meet (and exceed) your apprenticeship expectations. BMS Progress offers a host of different courses, but remains very specific in its area of expertise, designed to enhance career progression and further propel your workforce.

Not only do our development coaches possess extensive experience, they’re also able to support apprentices and understand their requirements from day one. What’s more, we provide tailored training, meaning we can cater to individual needs.

Our range of apprenticeships include:

Level 3 Team Leader Apprenticeship

Level 3 IT Technical Sales Executive Apprenticeship

Level 4 Sales Executive Apprenticeship

Level 5 Leadership Apprenticeship

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