How Can You Ensure Quality in Apprenticeship Training?

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Our quality manager & designated safeguarding lead, Katie Rooney, plays a key role in helping us deliver world-class apprenticeships for our learners. She also supports the team to align our delivery with the various regulated education frameworks we need to adhere to. It goes without saying, then, that she knows a lot about quality – and how to ensure it. Here, Katie explains why quality training is so important and how we ensure our apprenticeships make the grade.

Why is quality important?

Quality is absolutely crucial in training. It guarantees that learners, employers, and our own colleagues have a great experience and develop effectively in a way that works for them.

To be quality-driven, I think, is an inherent trait that comes from within. The will to do things correctly and drive excellence on a granular scale will ultimately pay dividends for the bigger picture. This is something we look out for when selecting staff, as although we can train on our quality processes, the desire to want to ‘be amazing’ (one of our core values) should be organic.

Key attributes of quality training


The core attribute of quality training is very obvious: passion. Our team needs to be passionate and enthusiastic about developing people and going that extra mile, and also passionate about making sure it’s done properly.

Let’s take an example, like planning a coaching session for a learner. It’s not quite as simple as sending an invite on teams and meeting ad hoc to chat about their programme. Our development coach will plan the session, being curious and inquisitive to reflect on the learner’s starting point. They’ll review their current progress, and select suitable activities and topics that are relevant to that learner at that time. All the while, they’ll ensure their service is individualised and aligned with the curriculum plan for their employer – phew!


Everyone within BMS Progress has a part to play in quality arrangements, including our business support services. Quality activity expands across all teams. Our quality framework includes activities such as:

Learning visits.

Work scrutiny.
Analysis of learner and employer feedback.
Curriculum review.
Portfolio deep-dives.
Skills development checks.
End-point assessment results analysis.

These are just some of the regular activities we complete to assure that our service to all learners and employers is standardised, consistent, and the best it can be.


A big contributing factor to our reputation as a quality training provider, I believe, is our high-performing yet supportive culture. Everything’s transparent. We work as a team in our approach. Questions are brought to the table, and then explored across the group.

This supportive environment goes hand in hand with wanting to do things in the right way. When we support our staff to be the best they can be, quality delivery is the norm – and this has a positive impact on the learner.


Another key attribute of quality is compliance: meeting our regulated education frameworks. For apprenticeships, one of the biggest is ofsted’s education inspection framework (EIF). It governs how we set out our training at BMS Progress and helps us validate that we do a good job.

Our quality framework has been built to compliment the EIF, and all aspects of our provision are quality assured to ensure that when we get ‘the call’ we actually welcome inspectors through the door and minimise the air of panic that can often accompany an inspection.


We always try to pre-empt when issues may arise and recognise any potential sticking points. When something is identified – say, someone wasn’t as successful on an assignment, or a topic isn’t landing well – we work in tandem with the curriculum team to redesign the specific aspect in question.

What’s more, we make sure that our innovative resources actually engage the learner by researching the latest digital tools to see if they offer a more effective way of imparting knowledge. We want learners to receive more than just a power point presentation; sessions should be interactive. And to ensure that’s what they want too, we run regular surveys to gain their views on training as well as our overall delivery.


At BMS Progress, we aim to continuously upskill our wider team as well. A recent example of this is that some of our staff have embarked on their teaching qualification. When it comes to continuous professional development, we practise what we preach and encourage this self-improvement internally as well as externally.

This links back to another one of our core values: ‘be expert’. Our team needs to fulfil their own potential if they want to do the same for others.

Discover the BMS difference

As BMS Progress comes from the commercial world of training, our training needs to be of the utmost quality. Funded training has got a bad reputation in recent times, but we took the quality mindset and built our apprenticeships – and ultimately our company – with quality at the core.

Because we’re driven by the learning experience, we ensure quality. In fact, it’s become second nature; each member of our team shares the quality mindset, guaranteeing that learners can progress, achieve, and have a good time whilst doing it. As Henry Ford once said, “quality means doing it right when no one is looking.”

If you’d like to experience what makes us stand out from other training providers, please get in touch with our team. We’d be happy to explain more about our available apprenticeships and what BMS Progress can offer you.

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