The Value of Bespoke Training In a Post-Pandemic World.

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The pandemic caused a huge shift towards training. It wasn’t just a case of employers using their team’s furloughed hours as time to improve their knowledge and skill sets. Even since the end of furlough, leaders have chosen to invest in their employees’ development – and there’s no signs of this slowing down.

Here, we explain why tailored learning is a necessity in the post-pandemic world, and how BMS Progress can meet your training needs.

The need for bespoke training

First, let’s take a closer look at some key statistics. Back in march 2020, just 24% of global learning leaders were on the executive table. Fast forward to june 2020, this was at 62% – and by march 2021, it had risen to 63%. What’s more, almost 60% of HR professionals feel that there’s a long-term requirement to reskill employees, giving them the capacity to thrive within the workplace.

It’s evident that the last couple of years have triggered a realisation surrounding the value of training. And with half of current employees worldwide needing to be reskilled by 2025, it looks like bespoke training has never been important.

Creating agile leaders for the future

Ultimately, there were winners and losers in the pandemic. Many of the organisations that managed to recover (and in some cases experience extreme success) were the ones that had the agility to.

Training helps a business to evolve. It equips staff with the skills necessary to prepare for a crisis, and to react quickly if – or when – it happens. Whatever the challenge, they’ll be able to overcome it through personalised learning.

Producing business results

And surviving a crisis isn’t the only benefit. Training has endless advantages that would prove your company’s worth even if the pandemic hadn’t happened.

Whether it’s improving employee confidence, increasing motivation or boosting engagement, it creates a positive culture where staff are more dedicated to their roles, and more productive as a result. You’ll experience a greater ROI, and they’ll feel valued, as your interest in their progression shows that you trust them.

Continuous professional development

Linked to this is the value of investing in your employees. You’ll provide them with continuous professional development, something many desire in their role. Not only will this help to retain your current team, it will attract future employees to the company too.

Specifically, the more bespoke it is, the better. For instance, almost half of HR professionals plan to focus on ensuring employees have content that meets their specific needs. This helps individuals to learn their way, have a say, and achieve their best results.

Bespoke training from BMS Progress

If you want to reap the rewards of tailored training, look no further than BMS Progress. All of our courses are designed to meet the needs of the individual learner, enabling them to take control of their own continuous professional development. From apprenticeships to management and leadership programmes, our aim is to improve performance and progress careers. Keen to discuss your training needs?

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