How to Sell in Challenging Times.

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In today’s uncertain economic climate, many businesses are bracing themselves for the bumpy road ahead and rethinking their current approach. Do financial forecasts need to change? What about plans for the team? Is the sales and marketing strategy still appropriate? While changes will undoubtedly need to be made, one thing is for sure: selling products or services in a time like this isn’t a complete write-off. Yes, it will be tougher. But that just means you’ll have to work smarter.

In this blog, we’ll suggest ways to maintain and even elevate sales in a challenging economy.

Navigate customer objections

Navigate customer objections Focus on your pipeline

At the end of the sales funnel, customers usually feel the biggest impact of unsteady markets. To curb the ripple effect, look more closely at your sales pipeline – consider what your business can do to bring more prospects in before driving them further along towards a purchase and, ultimately, retention.

In a challenging climate, practising empathy and understanding is crucial to winning over customers. Tapping into their fears, suggesting they’re missing out, or positioning your offering as a luxury might not work as well anymore. Therefore, you must review your messaging. Are you asking the right questions and providing the much-needed answers?

Once they’ve shown an interest, it’s time to focus on good pipeline management

Follow up with potential customers and focus on quality leads first.
Drop leads that haven’t taken off after a certain period to avoid sunk costs.
Monitor pipeline metrics, such as lifetime value and acquisition cost.
Review and adapt your pipeline process on a more regular basis.
Keep it updated with contact details and notes to maintain good organisation.

Upskill rather than recruit

It’s no secret that businesses and consumers prefer to hold on to their cash during economic uncertainty. But as the old adage goes, sometimes you have to spend money to make money.

That’s not to say that you can’t make smart switches when it comes to budget allocation. Take investing in your talent, for example – recruiting new staff is both time-consuming and costly, but upskilling your existing team can often yield the same boost in performance.

Not only is upskilling more cost-effective than hiring (the Financial Services Skills Commission recently reported that firms could save up to £49,100 per employee), but it enables your employees to grow with your business, improving their satisfaction and retention rates.

Training opportunities with BMS Progress

Many businesses face a turbulent road ahead. However, there are plenty of opportunities to grow your organisation.

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