What Skills and Knowledge Do Your Team Members Need to Progress to Managers?

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Becoming a leader takes a blend of abilities and experience that propel an individual to the next stage of their career. From having the confidence to make challenging decisions, to understanding project life cycles and ensuring client satisfaction, it takes a certain kind of person to guide a team to success.

So, what are the core skills and knowledge your aspiring managers should possess? We take a closer look here…

People management

First, it’s crucial that your team members understand the difference between leadership and management, and the impact of both on a team. From here, they can then pinpoint leadership styles that resonate with your company’s vision, whilst at the same time understanding that variations in culture will play a vital role in this aspect of management. It’s also key that leaders have an in-depth understanding of workplace diversity and inclusion, and how to implement relevant practices accordingly.

Further aspects that are considered within people management include managing performance and coaching techniques. Both will ensure that teams are achieving their targets, but also getting the most out of their work too. Managers are responsible for figuring out an individual's strengths and weaknesses and leveraging them effectively, so getting this right will support various other managerial duties.


Managers need to be able to voice opinions to their team in a constructive and clear manner. Yet it’s also crucial that they’re able to receive feedback too. This goes hand in hand with the ability to withstand and broach challenging conversations with either customers or stakeholders; incorporating customer and stakeholder management skills allows your future leaders to finesse their communicative ability and bring it to a whole other level.

In addition, managers should have the capability to facilitate cross-team working and open up the lines of communication between silos on collaborative projects. When required, they should also be able to chair productive and efficient meetings.

Operations and project management

There are various tools that support project management, and becoming adept at utilising them will help to strengthen managerial qualities in aspiring leaders as well as streamline your organisation’s processes. This will also help make sure teams stay on track, particularly when deadlines are involved. To progress to managers, team members also need to become adept at understanding the entire life cycle of a project, efficiently manage resources, and identify (and help resolve) any risks or issues that arise.

On top of this, managers should be intimately familiar with not just your organisation's governance and compliance procedures, but your finances too. They should know how to monitor budgets, ensuring cost control and efficiency across the board. Furthermore – and a key task at hand – leaders must be able to deliver value for money using only allocated funds.

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