Why #SkillsForLife Starts With Your Existing Team.

Improve performance, progress careers




National apprenticeship week is upon us once again. It’s the perfect opportunity for employers, training providers, and the wider community to celebrate apprenticeships. This year, the focus is on how apprenticeships provide individuals with valuable #skillsforlife. In an ever-evolving world, training programmes that teach skills for life are critical. Workers need to adapt to emerging technologies and future changes in such fast-paced industries. So, where do you start? With your existing team, of course. Here, we’ll explain why…

Unlock your team’s future

Upskilling existing workers isn’t just a smart move, it’s the right move. Well-established members of your team already know the ropes, ethos, and vision of your business, and are worth investing in.

Consider how many of your employees are brimming with potential. If you’re not surprised by the numbers, it’s definitely time to take action. By improving your existing employee’s skill set, you’re placing them and your business in the best position to tackle future changes and challenges – not just current ones.

Inspire apprentices

Apprenticeship training can really boost employee motivation, as it demonstrates your enthusiasm to retain their talent and invest in their future. Team members are more likely to feel confident in their work if they know you’re keen to back and support them to reach new heights.

Plus, employees will be pleased to see you address any skill gaps in your business. When you offer growth opportunities for existing team members, you inspire them to put themselves forward to learn something new.

Select the ideal programme

Different apprenticeships offer various skills for life – and finding one that ticks all your boxes can take some figuring out. So, how do you determine which apprenticeship is best for your new and existing employees to learn valuable skills for life?

Here are our top apprenticeship courses at BMS Progress:

Team Leader Apprenticeship, Level 3
Embolden the leaders of tomorrow with this qualification, suitable for individuals in first-line management. The course teaches skills like leading and managing people, operational management, and communication and relationship building.

IT Technical Sales Executive Apprenticeship, Level 3
This course will equip your digital sales team with vital skills to boost their knowledge and technical expertise. After completion, they’ll be adept at building customer loyalty and delivering exceptional sales and technical support.

Sales Executive Apprenticeship, Level 4
Learners won’t just further their career progression, but your business goals too. The apprenticeship covers effective selling, assertive negotiation, pipeline management, and more valuable sales skills.

Management Development Programme, Level 5
Help your senior leaders reach their full potential. Building on the level 3 apprenticeship, this management development programme takes team leaders to the next stage – acquiring and brushing up on the skills necessary to thrive as managers.

How can BMS Progress help?

Levelling up workforces is our bread and butter – our development coaches prioritise apprentices and teaching valuable skills for life.

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Training makes for thriving teams

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Grow Your Own Talent With Apprenticeships

Want to take advantage of the Apprenticeship Levy, or simply foster the next generation of talent? You’ll need to ensure that the curriculum is tailored to your needs and aligned with your values.

How can BMS Progress help you?

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