What To Look For In A Training Provider?

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Choosing a training provider is a fundamental step in building your L&D strategy. Staff development is absolutely crucial, and should be ongoing, so you need to ensure your training provider can meet your needs on a regular basis, and over a sustained period of time. In this blog, we’ll explore the key factors to take into account before you sign on the dotted line.

1. Scaling

A training provider should be able to move as you do. If you’re scaling up, their resources need to do the same, whether that’s through the team that support your business, the trainers/facilitators who deliver the sessions, or the technology they use.

On a similar note, you should seek assurance about what will happen if the training provider experiences rapid growth themselves. You need to ensure that you’ll always be an important client to them, and that they don’t spread themselves too thinly among too many clients. Otherwise, the relationship may be impacted and you might have to look elsewhere, which is far from ideal after spending all the time and effort building up a relationship with them.

2. Level of service

The training provider needs to deliver a fantastic level of service, and this should be sustained year after year. There are numerous areas that impact quality including:

Fantastic communication
Programme innovation
Being reactive – and proactive – to needs
Personable team members
Credible and experienced facilitators
Great understanding of your business
Honesty and transparency

We recommend asking your potential training provider about what an amazing level of service means to them, and make sure it matches with what you require.

3. Value alignment

When a training provider’s values are in sync with yours, there’s a higher chance of a fruitful relationship, and more beneficial results. In fact, we’ve found that the more our values align with our clients, the better – it even helped us win Salesforce for the Level 4 Sales Executive Apprenticeship. Our values are key to us:

Be amazing
Be expert
Be fearless
Be authentic
Be fair
Be the team

4. A specialist provision

The training provider should be able to meet your precise needs but should not try to deliver all types of training, to all departments and people, specialism is key.

We also recommend that you ensure the training is bespoke. To us, this makes a great offer. The training will be shaped around your business, your values, and your vision. It will consider the needs and aspirations of the team members, making it more likely that it will achieve your desired goals.

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At BMS Progress, we tailor our training to each business and individual, so you get more value from it. For us, it’s all about improving performance and progressing careers.

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