How Does Our Level 3 IT Technical Sales Executive Programme Create Future Digital Sales experts?

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The BMS Progress level 3 IT technical sales executive programme focuses on several core areas – all developed with the technical sales expert in mind. As such, we combine both technical and sales aspects as we’re equipping learners with the skills and knowledge to succeed. Our team believes that arming learners with these tools is a sure way of producing professionals who can walk the walk as well as talk the talk. Read on to find out how your future digital sales experts will thrive on our apprenticeship.

Strengthening communication skills

As part of this 13-month programme, learners will gain the ability to work as part of a team as well as independently, polishing their skills to successfully communicate with others in numerous instances. What's more, they’ll be able to demonstrate effective communication in both written and oral form at a range of levels.

Creating a strong customer experience also falls into this area. That’s why we ensure learners are capable of nurturing relationships by displaying strong interpersonal skills and cultural awareness throughout all sales operations.

Developing client and sales understanding

We ensure learners gain the ability to identify customer requirements once they’re in real-world situations too. We then guide budding technical sales experts on how to meet those customer needs with any relevant techniques, services or products.

The sales process ties in well with lead development, which is why our programme modules also cover this topic. Learners will sharpen their ability to operate all sales-related tasks with integrity, whilst also ensuring the organisation's brand and image is maintained during negotiations. By the end of the apprenticeship, they’ll be adept at closing sales and handling objections with a strong understanding of both markets and external competitors.

Improving knowledge of technology and data security

A core element of our level 3 IT technical sales executive apprenticeship is providing learners with the relevant skills and knowledge to adhere to their organisation’s data security policies. In practice, this training should ensure that, once qualified, they can effectively communicate, record and analyse data at the appropriate level.

To coincide with this, our programme incorporates technical aspects that require learners to understand and explain any technical systems sold by their respective organisation. This is alongside the technology systems they’ll use day to day.

Honing project management abilities

Shaping an aspiring digital sales expert to work flexibly, so that they can meet varying demands and requirements from colleagues and customers, is one of the main aims of our programme. Through our training, learners will build upon this by showing they can work under pressure too, as well as manage their time efficiently to improve the overall workflow of an organisation.

In tandem with project management training, our programme dedicates time to providing apprentices with advanced problem-solving skills. This entails not only structured troubleshooting techniques, but also when and how to implement the correct tools in line with any relevant guidelines.

Invest in your future digital sales experts

Now that you’ve got an idea of how BMS Progress will level up your workforce, what’s next?

If you’ve any questions about how to enrol members of your team on to one of our programmes or courses, get in touch with us. Alternatively, you can find further details on the Level 3 IT Technical Sales Executive Apprenticeship page.

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